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Submission of final paper: 

  1. In order to guarantee inclusion in the conference program one author must be registered at the NON-STUDENT RATE by Sep 14, 2013 23:59 (GMT -0700), the author registration deadline. 
  2. Your completed IEEE copyright form must be received by Sep 14, 2013 23:59 (GMT -0700). The form and instructions can be found at
  3. Your full paper in PDF format must be submitted no later than Sep 14, 2013 23:59 (GMT -0700) at this web site: Your paper must comply with the specifications outlined on the web site. Due to publication deadlines, no time extensions will be granted.
  4. Need your password? Click the "Forgot your Password?" link in the log-in box of the submission site (

IMPORTANT PROCEDURE: It is required that all PDF submissions be IEEE Xplore compliant. If your file does not meet Xplore compliance, it cannot be published and will be removed from the BIOCAS 2013 Proceedings CDROM and the IEEE Xplore system. To help you meet this requirement, you must FIRST check to ensure that your PDF file is compliant by using the IEEE PDF eXpress system BEFORE you submit your paper to the conference final submission web site. 

  1. Go to the IEEE PDF eXpress web site:
  2. Use this conference ID: biocas13x
  3. Use PDF eXpress to check or create your PDF file
  4. Once you have a GOOD PDF file, return to the BIOCAS 2013 final submission web site ( and upload your final submission.

NOTE: checking your PDF file for compliance and submitting your final paper for publication are 2 separate procedures. After using the IEEE PDF eXpress system for file compliance, MAKE SURE to return to the BIOCAS 2013 final submission web site ( and upload your compliant final submission. 

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